Introducing GPTScript ...Officially

Mar 15, 2024 by Darren Shepherd
Introducing GPTScript ...Officially

Last month I introduced GPTScript with a tweet and it’s been exciting to see how it’s captured people’s imagination. But other than that tweet and the readme on our GitHub repo, I never wrote a proper blog introducing GPTScript, which feels like an oversight. I am incredibly excited about the potential of GPTScript, and at Acorn, we've decided to put all of our focus on building solutions based on it going forward.

GPTScript started as an experiment to see what would happen if we took a natural language only approach to programming. Programming by only writing English or your native language like French or Chinese. What came of this effort shocked us. While a completely pure natural language experience is still some ways off, what we did discover is an elegantly simple model of blending AI with traditional systems, data, and code by starting first with natural language and then blending in code.

GPTScript works by writing tools. A tool is either a prompt, which is pure AI, or some code. Tools can then be linked together with AI, AI deciding when the tool should be invoked and with what arguments. Below is a simple tool that is a prompt. That tool is then given the tool “sys.http.html2text” that will download a URL and turn it into readable text.

Create a file named announce.gpt containing the following:

tools: sys.http.html2text can you read and then write an announcement blog for GPTScript

AI will determine that the sys.http.html2text tool needs to be invoked with the referenced URL, will invoke it, get the response, and then complete the prompt.

As this is an AI project it seems fitting that we should run the above tool with GPTScript and let it announce itself to the world.

$ gptscript announce.gpt

Introducing GPTScript: Revolutionizing Programming with Natural Language

We are thrilled to announce the launch of GPTScript, a cutting-edge scripting language designed to redefine the way we interact with Large Language Models (LLMs), particularly with OpenAI's powerful engines. GPTScript embodies the future of programming by merging the simplicity of natural language with the robustness of traditional scripting, creating a seamless and user-friendly programming experience.

Why GPTScript?

In today's fast-paced digital world, the ability to quickly and efficiently automate tasks, analyze data, and build intelligent applications is more crucial than ever. GPTScript rises to this challenge by offering a programming language that is intuitive, versatile, and incredibly easy to learn, even for those without a background in coding.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: GPTScript's syntax is primarily based on natural language, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Versatility: Whether it's automating tasks, performing data analysis, or integrating with external services, GPTScript is equipped to handle a variety of use cases.
  • Integration: GPTScript allows for seamless integration with traditional scripts (e.g., bash, python) and external HTTP services, expanding its capabilities and applications.

Exciting Use Cases:

GPTScript opens up a world of possibilities. Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve with GPTScript:

  • Automate complex tasks with ease, from planning vacations to managing databases.
  • Create intelligent agents and assistants that can perform a wide range of functions.
  • Conduct sophisticated data analysis and visualization.
  • Develop applications with capabilities in vision, image, and audio processing.

Get Started with GPTScript:

Ready to dive into GPTScript? Here's how you can get started:

  1. Installation: GPTScript is available for macOS, Linux, and Windows. You can install it using package managers like Homebrew, Scoop, and WinGet, or download it directly from our releases page.
  2. API Key: Obtain an API key from OpenAI to enable your scripts to communicate with OpenAI's LLMs.
  3. Hello World: Test your setup with a simple "Hello, World!" script to see GPTScript in action.

Join Our Community:

Be part of the GPTScript revolution! Join our Discord community to connect with other GPTScript enthusiasts, share your projects, and get support from the team behind GPTScript.

About Us:

GPTScript is brought to you by Acorn Labs, Inc., a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI and programming. Our mission is to make powerful technology accessible to everyone, and GPTScript is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

Get ready to experience programming like never before with GPTScript. Start building, automating, and innovating today!