Stateful App Development with Acorn – Replay

Building applications that leverage stateful databases can be complicated for teams using Kubernetes. The intricacies of PVs, PVCs, and StatefulSets can be difficult to understand and use properly. With Acorn, we’ve simplified stateful application deployments, and environment management, enabling streamlined development workflows. In our October 2022 meetup, we provided a deep dive on how to build stateful applications in Acorn, and manage the complexity of multiple backends throughout the dev, test, staging, and production process.

During the meetup we covered:

  • How stateful Kubernetes deployments are simplified with Acorn
  • How to build a stateful Acorn image
  • How to run Maria DB locally and RDS in production
  • How to manage deployments across multiple k8s clusters.
  • How to backup and recover stateful deployments

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-24 112234.png