Our new focus: developing an LLM app platform based on GPTScript technology

Mar 15, 2024 by Sheng Liang
Our new focus: developing an LLM app platform based on GPTScript technology

I’d like to make an exciting announcement. Going forward Acorn Labs will focus entirely on developing an open source LLM stack based on the GPTScript technology. We will close down the existing Acorn beta service and archive the open source Acorn runtime project.

A lot has happened since we started developing Acorn runtime 18 months ago. ChatGPT and LLMs changed the trajectory of infrastructure and application platform technologies. Since the majority of computing power, cost, and execution time will be spent on GPUs, we now have an opportunity to take a fresh look at the cloud native computing stack, from chips, data center, operating systems, cluster management, and application platforms. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for all of us.

As successful as ChatGPT has been, organizations implementing LLM today still face many challenges. How can we build a ChatGPT that can answer questions about our own data, our own Intranet, our own databases, and our own applications? How can we avoid sending sensitive data to proprietary vendors like OpenAI and Microsoft? How can we implement LLMs in resource or network-constrained environments? How can we go beyond the chat interface and apply LLMs to existing or new applications?

Solving these problems requires not only advances in AI but also new systems and platforms software. We developed GPTScript for developers to build LLM-enabled applications more easily. We first introduced GPTScript a few weeks ago. We are particularly excited about the enthusiastic response we received from developers, both in and outside of the AI community. Many developers have told us this is the first time they have been able to leverage LLMs in their applications or projects.

The natural next step is to build an open source LLM application stack based on the GPTScript technology. As great as Acorn Runtime is, we believe GPTScript will have a much bigger impact. If you are a supporter of Acorn runtime or participated in the Acorn beta service, we appreciate all your support over the last 18 months. We hope you can continue to travel with us towards the next stage of building LLM applications.

Sheng Liang is the CEO and Co-Founder of Acorn Labs