Open Source Projects

At Acorn, we build open source software that empowers engineers to think big and build amazing software. Our projects power our own cloud services, but are designed to be useful for any organization looking to simplify application development and automate operations. We’re always excited to collaborate with anyone interested in using or contributing to these projects.

Acorn Runtime

Acorn Runtime is an application deployment framework that is deployed on any Kubernetes cluster, enabling it to run Acorn images. With the Acorn Runtime, organizations can provide a compute endpoint for all developers looking to deploy acorn images from the Acorn CLI, as well as administrative control for the runtime operator.

The Acorn runtime can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster, whether it is a local development clusters like Docker Desktop, an enterprise platform such as Rancher or OpenShift, a hosted Kubernetes cluster in the cloud, or even micro clusters running at the edge, such as k3s.