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Introducing Acorn, the simplest way to run and share your app.

Create your first Acorn

All you need to join Acorn is a GitHub account, and your imagination.

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Get started with Acorn in 5 easy steps

Create and run your first Acorn

Anything can be packaged as an Acorn Image, including containerized applications, databases, serverless functions, even storage buckets.

Creating your first Acorn is simple. Just start with a Docker image, and within minutes we will help you turn it into an Acorn image that can be launched in your cloud sandbox.

Create your first Acorn now!

Dive into your deployment

To really unlock the power of Acorn, you can install the Acorn CLI and enable Dev Mode to facilitate rapid and iterative development.

Dev Mode allows you to synchronize real-time changes, attach debuggers, and view live logs against a running app.

Install the Acorn CLI

Share your Acorn image with 1-click launch

Sharing in Acorn isn’t about hosting your app on a central marketplace. Acorn allows you to create a link from your image that can be embedded anywhere. Anyone can then click the link to launch your creation in their own free Acorn sandbox.

As an Acorn creator, you can track usage and get stats on the images you publish.

Explore the Acorn Library

Move to production

When you’re ready to move your applications to a production environment, Acorn makes it simple to upgrade to a Pro Plan and deploy on persistent, enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Built on AWS, Acorn is designed for scalability, performance and reliability. Acorn provides monitoring, logging, secret management, auto-scaling and debugging tools out of the box to make operations a snap.

You can further upgrade to an Enterprise Plan that allows you to utilize your own AWS account and AWS credits, and run applications using AWS services like RDS, SQS, and S3.

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Invite your team to the party!

If you’re part of a team, Acorn Teams makes it easy to develop, test, and run your applications collaboratively.

Acorn Teams can be linked directly to GitHub to inherit RBAC policies and ensure everyone in your organization has access to the environments they need to be productive.

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Why Acorn?

Acorn is a new cloud platform that combines the collaborative spirit of GitHub with the capabilities of a cloud computing platform.

It allows anyone to develop and run applications in the cloud, offering:
Standardized application packagingA development sandboxEasy sharing with everyoneAbility to scale up with your production needs
Launch your first Acorn

Free sandbox environment to run your Acorns.

Create "click-to-launch" links which can be shared with anyone to launch other instances of your Acorn.

Invite anyone to view, contribute to, or troubleshoot your Acorn environments.

Create Acorn images that encapsulate multiple Docker images, secrets, and dependent cloud services.

When you are ready to run your Acorns in production, just move to a Pro account and deploy your app to persistent cloud infrastructure.

Allows you to synchronize real-time changes, attach debuggers, and view live logs against a running app.

Manage running Acorns with integrated logging, monitoring, debugging, secret management and other DevOps tooling.

Upgrade to enterprise plan to utilize your own AWS account and AWS credits, and run applications using AWS services like RDS, SQS, and S3.

Acorn has tools for everyone to inspect their deployments, launch new apps and interact with running workloads.

Explore Acorn’s Features

Hands-on Trainings

Get a hands-on introduction to Acorn.
In these trainings we demonstrate how to:

  • Launch existing Acorns
  • Inspect and manage deployments in the dashboard
  • Build your own Acorn Images
  • Share images everywhere

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