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Introducing GPTScript: A scripting language that redefines how we interact with LLMs

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What is GPTScript?

GPTScript is a new scripting language built to automate how applications interact with Large Language Models. GPTScripts can be written by anyone using natural language, making it very easy to learn and use. Natural language prompts can be mixed with traditional scripts such as bash and python or even external HTTP service calls. With GPTScript you can do just about anything, like plan a vacation, edit a file, run some SQL, or build an app using MongoDB and Flask.

GPTScript makes it simple for anyone to:
Automate complex tasksInterface with your data using RAGCreate intelligent agents and assistantsConduct data analysis and visualizationDevelop apps using vision, image, and audio processing.
Discover GPTScript Tools

Uses a web browsing services such as Google, Bing, and Brave to return web search results.

Generates images based on the specified parameters and returns a list of URLs to the generated images.

Analyze a set of images using a given prompt and vision model.

Interprets and runs code written in programming languages such as Python, Go, and Node.js

A tool that can be used to browse, navigate and interact with websites.

Calls a provided API or CLI and issues a command.

Makes system calls on the host machine it is installed on, such as, sys.write, sys.append or sys.exec.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) leverages a knowledge base outside of the training data before consulting the LLM to generate a response.

Provide data to the LLM and have it conduct analysis such as summarization, tagging or search.

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