Hands-on Training: Developing with Acorn – May 4, 2023

by | Mar 29, 2023

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Join us for a hands-on training to learn all about using Acorn to build and deploy microservices. Acorn makes it simple to write, build and deploy applications that can easily be run against any Kubernetes cluster. In this session, Acorn senior engineer Bill Maxwell will provide a hands-on overview of how to get started with Acorn and incorporate it into your development workflow. Over the course of the training, he will cover:

  • Setting up a local development environment
  • Developing applications with Acorn
  • Building and publishing artifacts
  • Running applications in production

Date: Thursday, May 4th 2023
Time: 10:00 am US Pacific Time

If you would like to follow along, it would be ideal to have the Acorn CLI downloaded and either Rancher or Docker desktop setup, or access to another Kubernetes cluster. You can read the Acorn getting started guide.


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